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          Brooks Brothers has made countless
          contributions to the clothing industry
          since 1818.
          Explore our ongoing
          commitment to innovation.

          Sourcing & Manufacturing

          Sourcing &

          We maintain high standards for
          quality manufacturing worldwide,
          and proudly own and operate
          facilities in the United States.

          Sourcing & Manufacturing

          Made in America

          For almost two centuries, Brooks
          Brothers has set the standard
          finest American-made apparel.
          At the three domestic
          facilities owned and operated by
          Brooks Brothers,
          we safeguard our
          reputation for excellence through
          state-of-the-art technology,
          traditional construction and
          techniques, and a highly
          skilled workforce.


          Massachusetts Factory

          Our Southwick facility blends
          tailoring with the latest
          advancements in technology.

          Learn more

          North Carolina Factory

          Home to our shirting facility, this
          small town crafts our
          Original Polo®
          Button-Down Oxford.

          Learn more

          New York Factory

          We make our iconic neckwear less
          ten miles from our
          Madison Avenue headquarters.

          Learn more

          Where is it Made?

          Our endless pursuit of quality
          offerings has led
          us to centers of
          excellence around the world.
          See for your yourself.

          Click a location

          United States

          Our commitment to quality manufacturing runs deep, and nowhere is that more evident than in North America. Southwick, in Haverhill, Massachusetts, combines the best in handcraftsmanship with high-tech machinery to make the finest suits and jackets in the marketplace. Garland, in Garland, North Carolina, is responsible for our Original Polo® Button-Down Oxford, Made to Measure and luxury shirt collection. Lastly, our tie-making facility in Queens, New York, produces our legendary neckwear using the finest silk from Italy and England.



          This small South American country has long been the place for handknit products, most notably our collection of handknit sweaters. Each one is painstakingly crafted using traditional methods and often made using rare fibers and fleeces that are exceptionally soft.


          United Kingdom

          Brooks Brothers’ earliest and most iconic imports have roots in the British Isles. We travel to Scotland, where our cashmere is spun (and softened by the waters of the midlands) and procure signature Harris Tweed from the remote Outer Heb rides Islands. In England, we also work with the world’s oldest silk mills to craft our luxurious ties and with the leading woolen mills for tailored products and outerwear. Irish linen, a staple in our warm - weather offerings, is sourced from one of Northern Ireland’s most reputable mills.



          Many of our women’s dresses, pants, skirts, outerwear and more under the creative direction of fashion designer Zac Posen, in addition to several of our men’s Red Fleece tailored pieces, are made to perfection in Portugal. A leader in fine apparel manufacturing, as well as textile and leather production, Portugal is home to some of the most respected fabric and garment centers in Europe.



          The fashion-forward nation and design capital is synonymous with high-quality goods and artisanal craftsmanship. Certain areas in particular lay claim to best-in- class production facilities and top mills. The picturesque Biella region in Piedmont — whose pure waters helped facilitate its rise in industry — produces our fine woolens and cashmeres. Como and the immediate area surrounding it is regarded as the leading supplier of beautiful printed silks used in ties and women’s scarves.



          A hub for fabric innovation and technology, Japan leads the industry in specialty nylons and synthetic materials. It is also celebrated for its time-tested looms, which are best equipped to weave twill and oxford fabrics.



          We work with family-owned manufacturing facilities to produce fine shirting, tailoring and knitwear. Modern China is increasingly recognized for superior workmanship and premium raw materials, as evidenced in its outstanding silks and cashmeres.



          This country is a leader in high-quality dress shirt production. State-of-the-art machinery exists side by side with skilled manufacturing in family-owned facilities that specialize in the application of premium wrinkle resistant finishes.


          Australia & New Zealand

          The prized flocks of sheep that are responsible for our premium woolens, including our exclusive machine-washable BrooksTech? merino sweaters, can be found in these nations of the Southern Hemisphere. The purity of their fleece is a result of their pedigree-like lineage, which dates back almost two centuries. We cultivate these exceptional fibers for select sweaters, knits and suiting.

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